10 Tips for going from Beginner Spanish to Intermediate Spanish on your own, without formal classes or a paid tutor

150819 - AVE Proof of Level

Today, I was officially recognised at an Intermediate Level of Spanish, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. I started off not knowing any Spanish at all, as a beginner in Spanish, as I am a native English speaker. I have been learning Spanish on my own, teaching myself, for the last few months, and I’ve been using self-teaching and self-learning methods that I hadn’t used before for other languages that I tried to learn with formal classes and paid tutors like for Tagalog, French and Chinese.

From Beginner Spanish to Intermediate Spanish By Yourself

The fact that I was able to accomplish an intermediate level and it was recognised by one of the premier language learning institutes of the Spanish Language, is a really great feat, especially since I did this mainly on my own, at for very little cost. Nevertheless, I must admit that it did take time to do this, around 30 minutes or more per day for around over 6 months.

How to Know What Level of Spanish You Are?

So I did the online assessment test available from the Instituto Cervantes. You can do the test yourself by going to this link: http://diplomas.cervantes.es/es/informacion/test_nivel_espanol.html

Admittedly, it is just a preliminary test to assess your level in order to get you to the right class, and it is not the official DELE certificate. Nevertheless, it still is very indicative of my level. The test that I did tested my vocabulary and grammar, as well as my reading skill and listening skill.

You can see PROOF of my intermediate level above in the “Prueba Finalizada”! I am a B1.3 to B1.4 level, which means that I am an intermediate, independent user of Spanish. You can read more about the ranking of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages

10 Tips to Help You go from Beginner to Intermediate Spanish language learning

If you would like to go from a beginner Spanish learner to an Intermediate Spanish speaker, here are 10 tips that helped me achieve this milestone!

  1. Live a couple of months in a Spanish-speaking country
  2. Use Anki, SRS (flashcards) and revise them daily
  3. Use frequency lists and memorise at least the top 1000 words
  4. Use images in your flashcards (so you remember concepts/words and even grammar better)
  5. Write and speak the language as much as you can
  6. Get corrected in the language by native speakers
  7. Make spanish-speaking friends
  8. Read Spanish books with the audiobook in Spanish and follow along the words
  9. Watch Spanish TV series or TV series dubbed in Spanish (without any subtitles at all)
  10. Listen to Spanish songs in your favorite music genre and memorise the lyrics

Next Step: From Intermediate to Advanced

Of course, this is just intermediate level that I reached, and it’s not yet advanced nor totally proficient and fluent. I still have some way to go, but it’s still a significant step which make me feel proud.

Stay tuned and follow me for my progress to Advanced Spanish!

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