12 Types of Flashcards in my Spanish Anki Deck to Prepare for DELE B2 Spanish

pokerYou’re probably wanting to get the DELE B2 Spanish certification like me. I know how you feel because I have about 3 weeks left before I will do the exam.

I’ve already paid for it, and it’s scheduled to be one on Friday April 15 at the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney, Australia. It’s one of my major language challenges, especially after having studied Spanish largely on my own (without formal classes or formal tutors).

How to use a Spanish Anki Deck to prepare for the DELE Spanish B2 Test

A huge part of my preparation for the Spanish DELE B2 test has been revising my Spanish Anki Deck. Every day I go through it and maintain my vocabulary and grammar. Admittedly, there are some days when I have skipped going through my Spanish Anki deck, especially if I’m really busy or something important comes up from my other life commitments. For example, I had to fly from Ecuador to the USA the other day, and the flight was broken up into a number of flights. I did have some time at the airport during transit to check out my Anki Spanish flashcards, but I didn’t get to finish them all.

You’re probably wanting to get a DELE Spanish certification yourself, to help you prove and determine your level of Spanish. Like me, you may also keep forgetting you Spanish words and grammar, so you need to use Anki to help you memorise it all. I really recommend Anki because it’s been so helpful – and to be honest, I’ve become totally addicted to the memorising, revising and adding flashcards process.

Instituto Cervantes

12 Spanish Anki Deck Flashcard Types to Help You Pass the DELE B2 Exam

Here’s 12 different types of flashcards that I have right now in my Spanish Anki deck, all of which I have set up and revised over the past few months, and which will help me for the DELE Spanish B2 Exam in 3 weeks!!!

I hope these Spanish flashcard ideas can help you kick butt in your own Spanish language learning goals…

  1. Spanish Pronunciation Flashcards – Minimal Pairs
  2. Spanish Pronunciation Flashcards – IPA for Spanish
  3. Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards – Top 650 Basic Spanish words
  4. Spanish Grammar Flashcards – Main Grammar Points from Michel Thomas Spanish Beginner
  5. Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards – Sentences based on Top 1000 Spanish Frequency List
  6. Spanish Grammar Flashcards – Main Grammar Points from Michel Thomas Spanish Advanced
  7. New Words from Book/Audiobook Summaries of Spanish Novels & Books I read
  8. Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards – Sentences based on Top 2000 Spanish Frequency List
  9. Spanish Phrases from Phrasebook about Spanish everday living & transitional phrases & connectors
  10. Flashcards from Speaking Exercises – Short Speeches
  11. Flashcards from Writings & Speeches from Real Life (Blogs, Conversations, etc)
  12. Flashcards from Speaking Exercises – Conversation on iTalki

So these are the main types of Spanish Anki flashcards that I have in my deck right now, and which I’ve added and am revising daily (or as much as I can at least) in preparation for the DELE Spanish B2 test.

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