2 Ways to Get Spanish Language Audiobooks to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills

My listening comprehension in Spanish sucks! You probably feel the same way with listening to the foreign language that you’re learning too, especially Spanish. So that’s why I’ve made it my goal with this post to help you with ways to improve your listening skills in any language you are studying.

I can’t understand Spanish speakers!!!

Do you ever feel like Spanish speakers are talking too fast?

Do you ever feel dumbfounded when Spanish speakers converse with you?

If that’s how you feel, then maybe your Spanish listening skills suck too.

Don’t feel bad because that’s my biggest weakness right now, and it seems to be a major hurdle that many other Spanish speakers face as they progress in the language.

2 Websites to Listen to Spanish Audiobooks

Audiobooks are my current solution to fix my listening comprehension weakness.

There are 2 main places that I know where you can listen to audiobooks in Spanish.

1) Librivox Spanish Audiobooks:

A large range of audiobooks in Spanish and other languages. Many of them are older books, but they are all FREE. I’ve known this resource for a long time, but I personally haven’t listened to any of the Spanish audiobooks here yet. I think the reason why is because I prefer to listen to non-fiction books that are more modern, whereas Librivox tends to have books that are in the fiction genre and are much older.

2) Audible Spanish Audiobooks:

Lately, I’ve been getting my stash of Spanish audiobooks from the Audible website. It’s a very reputable company and they have a large range of audiobooks, especially new ones, and they have a whole lot of genres on their website. Personally, I prefer to listen to non-fiction audiobooks, even in English, and Audible has a large range of Spanish non-fiction audiobooks as well as fiction ones. However, you must pay for these audiobooks.

listen to ME!

Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension with Audiobooks

So these are the 2 main resources that I’ve been using to get my collection of Spanish audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to improve your listening skills because it focuses you on improving your listening (and ONLY listening). When you watch a video or TV show, you can get clues to the meaning of words via the visuals that you see.

However, with audiobooks you MUST focus on listening only because the only input you get is the audio. If you’ve been having trouble with your own listening skills in a foreign language, such as Spanish, then try out audiobooks. I strongly encourage it!

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