3 Nouns that are Hard to Show in Images for Language Learning Flashcards

Binoculars V

Intangible and non-physical nouns are the hardest thing to show in images for your language learning flashcards! Trust me, I know the difficulty as I’ve been setting up my foreign language flashcards. I’ve been collecting a hundreds of images from Google Images according to frequently used words, including nouns.

The problem however has been that there are several nouns that are quite tricky to put into image – as visually we don’t see these in real life.

The following 3 nouns have been the trickiest, as you can’t actually see these as they are invisible to the naked eye, but managed to figure out some way to show them at least. Check out the image that I selected.

1. AIR

This word took me a while to find a suitable image. When I typed “air” in Google Images, alot of images showed the sky or clouds which did not really capture the idea of air in my view.
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


Your voice is essentially your unique set of sound waves that come out of your mouth to communicate. Now how to show you voice in images? It can be hard to differentiate the concept of “voice” especially as some images may seem to show “singing” or “speaking”.


While the wind is invisible to your eye, one way I got around this was to find an image that showed the effects of the wind, such as the wind moving the branches and leaves of trees.

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