3 Pairs of Words that are Hard to Differentiate on Language Learning Flashcards

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This list shows you some word pairs that I’ve had difficulty in showing the difference for my language learning cards.

As I’ve been doing my 60 day language challenge for the months of September and October, I’ve been collecting images for my Anki flashcard deck, and these are some words that I had problems finding differentiating pictures:

1. “World” and “Earth”

Even I had diffculty figuring out the difference between the definitions between these two words. Here’s the definitions to help you figure out the difference –

What is the difference between ‘world’ and ‘earth’?

Not a lot of difference, really. ‘The Earth’ (note capital) is generally the formal name of the world we live on. The word ‘world’ (no capital) can also be used to describe other planets or ideas of living. Earth refers to the entire planet, the third planet from the sun. ‘World’ means the entire structure, flora and fauna that is found within the planet Earth.

2. “Sea” and “Ocean”

Another pair of words that got me stuck. I’m a native English speaker and even I had to think about the definitional difference between these two words. It’s interesting to recognise that there actually is a difference –

What is the difference between a sea and an ocean?

A sea is part of an ocean that is partially surrounded by land. If it is totally surrounded, then it’s called an inland sea. An ocean is a body of salt water with no boundaries and limitless volume. It’s limitless because with no boundaries, definitive quantity cannot be deduced. Between the two, the ocean is the larger of the two. Oceans are enormous when compared to any sea.

3. Marriage and Wedding

A marriage is a long term relationship between two individuals. A wedding, on the other hand, is the ceremony of getting married.

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