3 Problems Using WordPress as Your Language Learning Log

Wordpress Schwag
Wordpress had been very good to me for a number of months as my language log. However, in recent months, you would have noticed that I haven’t been blogging

and logging my language progress. That’s because I’ve been facing a number of problems with WordPress, and it really annoyed me!

So I want to share some of the problems I had with WordPress which prevented me from being able to use it effectively over the past months. Hopefully this helps youand warns you about the potential pitfalls when using WordPress as your own blog for language learning.

Please note that I’m talking about the self-hosted WordPress.org version of wordpress that I installed myself, and NOT the wordpress.com version of the blogging platform.

Here are the 3 big issues I’ve faced:

1) Hard to change blog name

OK, so this whole debacle with WordPress occurred because I wanted to change my blog name and change the domain name of my website. For older readers, you would’ve known that the old name of the blog was the Language Learning Log at languagelearninglog.com. I wanted to change the blog name to a shorter, easier-to-remember name, i.e. LangLuv.com – but it turned out to be hardder than just simply changing a few words here and there in the blog. I had to do a new install of wordpress and set up the new domain name and reinstall alot of the features of wordpress into the new blog.

2) Movement problem

WordPress is supposed to make it easy for you to transfer your WordPress blog and its photos and posts into a new blog. However, that was not the case for me. When I uploaded the data into the new blog, there were alot of bugs. One of the most annoying bugs was that I couldn’t click on the “TEXT” section when trying to “Add a New Post”, and so it was stuck forever on “VISUAL” mode for adding a post. This really sucked. It meant that I couldn’t have full control of the posts.

That got me stuck, and left me confused until I figured out a solution…

3) No way to fix WordPress bugs

So for a few months, I was stalled. The langluv website was buggy, and I couldn’t create new posts properly. I tried to update the version, and even did a number of reinstalls. But I still couldn’t use the “TEXT” section of adding a new blog post.

I didn’t have the time to tinker with the WordPress code myself, and the updates of WordPress were not fixing it.

After being stuck for months, I finally had some spare time, and I uninstalled the blog. I reinstalled it, to a working version, and then had to manually add each of my previous posts one by one, along with the plugins, photos and settings! It took a while! Well, I preferred to do it that way, because the auto-import feature created bugs and problems.

An exciting future with You!

I do admit though that while WordPress was a major block to my ability to track my progress, there were some other issues in my life too, such as craziness with my other businesses and work, but those work issues have died down and I’m now focusing more time and effort on my languages (which makes me feel very free and excited to continue).

Nevertheless, throughout my hiatus without blogging and language logging on WordPress, I was still able to keep up with my language learning progress. For example, I sitll reviewed my Spanish language cards daily, and I’m up to date with it! Also I added a tonne of new cards to my Anki deck, which is now a beast at over 6000 cards! wow!

I’m so happy now, though, to be back communicating with you, and am really excited to share my ongoing updates with Spanish – and later on, my other languages.

¡Estoy muy emocionado para el futuro de este blog!

As you can see I can now write Spanish sentences with greater ease… hehe

¡Chau mis amigos y amigas, desde mi casa en Santiago, Chile!

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