3 Steps for Improving Your Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language Without a Speaking Partner

OK so I’ve been working diligently on my Spanish, and I have stumbled across a really cool technique to practice your speaking skills without the need of speaking partner.

I was using this technique daily for about 2 months, and I can really declare that this technique works. Of course, speaking live with an actual native speaker can be much better, especially if your goal is to improve your conversational skills in a foreign language.

Benefits of the Short Speeches Tecnique

If you are just starting out to improve your speaking skills, then my technique, which I call the “Short Speeches Technique”, can be very helpful. The technique is also very helpful if you have a hard time finding a native speaker to talk to every day, and it’s helpful if you want flexibility in where and when you want to practice your speaking ability.

3 Steps to Improve Your Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language

There are 3 main steps to the “Short Speeches Technique”:
1) Record a short speech in the foreign language. It can be as short as 30 seconds to 1 minute. The speech can be anything you want it to be about. You can talk about yourself, or make up a story, or talk about a recent event that happened to you.

2) Send the recording to a native speaker of your target language. You send the recording for them to check. I like to use the clyp.it website, so that I can upload my recording and then clyp.it creates a shareable link of my recording. I then send the link to the native speaker.

3) Get corrections from the native speaker & learn from them! The native speaker listens to the recording and then gives me tips about my pronunciation, syntax, intonation, grammar and vocabulary. During the months that I did this “Short Speeches Technique”, I would then try to record myself again about the same topic as a second attempt, but then use the tips that the native speaker told me in my new recording. Then, I would send that recording again to the native speaker to check it and give me any more tips.

I have been using the “Short Speeches Technique” to give me a kickstart in my Spanish speaking ability. It was a great way to practice my tongue and speech in short spurts and on a daily basis, without feeling intimidated by the awkwardness of a live speaking partner.

Building Speaking Confidence to Move On to Conversations in a Foreign Language

It was so good, that after 2 months, I felt so much more confident about my speaking, that I wanted to practice more of my conversational ability, and now I no longer rely heavily on this technique, but rather practice my speaking with live partners. Nevertheless, the “Short Speeches Technique” is a great way to start improving your speaking ability in a foreign language.

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