60 Day Challenge #10: September – October, 2016

Chinese-English dictionary
This month I’ll be continuing with most of the same language learning strategies as the previous 2 months, but I will go on to learning the basics of Mandarin Chinese grammar, as I have recently finished adding all 650 top Chinese words in Anki.

So, here are my goals for my September to October 60 Day Language Challenge:


  1. Use short Spanish videos such as music videos, vlogs, courses that I like to do Intensive Listening exercises daily, including adding hard-to-understand text and audio in Anki.
  2. Read at least one paragraph or page of a Spanish book/novel that I’m interested in and look up any unknown words in a Spanish dictionary. Essentially I want to do more extensive reading in Spanish.
  3. Continue studying my Spanish anki deck daily, at least a few cards per day.
  4. During my spare time and idle time, listen to Spanish songs I love.


  1. Continue studying my Chinese anki deck every day, at least a few cards per day.
  2. Listen to Michel Thomas Chinese Beginner Course daily, to learn the basic grammar of Chinese
  3. Add the basic grammar points learned from Michel Thomas Beginner Course to Anki

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