60 Day Challenge #2: November-December, 2014

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60 Day Challege #2

Date Range:

November-December, 2014

The Challenge:

High Priority:
-Finish off creation of Anki flashcards for the 650 basic words of Spanish
-Create Anki flashcards for the basic sounds of the Spanish language using IPA of Spanish
-Create flashcards for common phrases in Spanish using a phrase book / Assimil / Rocket Spanish
-Continue reviewing a max of 120 cards and learning 30 new cards of Spanish in Anki

Medium Priority:
-Create flashcards for Spanish grammar rules using first half of a grammar book

Background & Purpose:

OK I’ve got some momentum now!!! I’m in my second language challenge for 2014 and it’s the second since I started. They say that a habit begins to form once you’ve repeated actions over 30 or 60 days, or something like that. I’m excited that I did 60 days already of working on language learning in phase 1, and now I’m in phase 2, I’m quite proud of myself.

In phase 1, not only did I take action to create and start learning Spanish. I also focused on trying to refine my actual language learning strategy, as well as my tools and techniques. I’m largely following the Fluent Forever Method by Gabriel Wyner. Originally, I was using his blog as a guide and I quickly rushed into making cards. Just a few days ago, I watched Gabriel’s creativeLive lecture series, and it was even better than his blog posts because I am a better visual and audio learner – and also because I got to see demonstrations for his language learning method.

So, in phase 2, I want to go back and brush up on my Spanish pronunciation and my ability to hear the most basic sounds using the IPA for Spanish. I’ll also finish up the last hundred or so basic vocabulary words for Spanish. I’m finding that I’m now thinking more in Spanish, especially when I say every day household items and I start naming them and describing them in my head – such as “el piso” and “el techo” and “mojado” and “la ropa”.

Estoy muy feliz a hora…

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