60 Day Challenge #4: March-April, 2015

Calle de las Infantas
My current goal and Language Challenge is to finish creating flashcards of the top 1000 most frequently used Spanish words (from word 500 – word 1000), and to study them daily using spaced repetition.

If I finish this within the 60 days, then my next goal is to create flashcards of the core grammar points found in Michel Thomas Advanced Spanish.

In my 60 Day Challenge #3, my goal was to complete the 1000 most frequently used words. However, due to getting married and getting busy with life – I was unable to finish it. I got up to just over word 500 or so.

So in this 60 day challenge, I will complete words 500 – 1000!

It was feeling like it would take forever when I started with word 1, and it is such a great feeling of progress that I am now more than halfway. Although I didn’t get to finish the full 1000 words list during the 60 day challenge #3, I have my sights set on finishing it now in challenge #4.

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