60 Day Challenge #9: July – August, 2016

Improving my listening comprehension in Spanish will be my top priority during the next 60 days. Apart from that, I want to ensure I use native Spanish materials that I actually enjoy.

Specifically, here are my goals for my July to August 60 Day Language Challenge:


  1. Use short Spanish videos such as music videos, vlogs, courses that I like to do Intensive Listening exercises daily, including adding hard-to-understand text and audio in Anki.
  2. Read at least one paragraph or page of a Spanish book/novel that I’m interested in and look up any unknown words in a Spanish dictionary. Essentially I want to do more extensive reading in Spanish.
  3. Continue studying my Spanish anki deck daily, at least a few cards per day.
  4. During my spare time and idle time, listen to Spanish songs I love.


  1. Continue studying my Chinese anki deck every day, at least a few cards per day.
  2. Add more of the common 650 Chinese words into Anki, until I’ve finished all 650.

I really love this plan, as it mixes both languages I’m learning and I get to see progress with them daily.

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