How to Create 1016 Language Flashcards in 60 days: RESULTS for 60 Day Challenge #1 – September-October, 2014

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I have created 1016 language flashcards in my first 60 days of learning Spanish!

Yes, my first language challenge has come to an end! It’s now the 31st of October 2014, and it’s time to weigh in on my results.

What was my initial goal at the start of the 60 day language learning challenge?

You can read the background details and exact goal that I had for the past 60 days in my language goal post here.

Overall, my main language challenges was to:
-Create Anki flashcards for the 600 basic words of Spanish and French
-Start memorising those words using Anki daily (ideally for 30 minutes each day or at least in your spare time)

What were the Language Learning RESULTS for the past 60 days?

I created over 1016 flashcards for Spanish!!!! Mind you that for each word, I created 2 cards. One card where the front side had a visual representation (photo) of the word, and the back had the actual written word and the sound of the word spoken by a native speaker. The other card for that word was the reverse.

Therefore, in term of actual words, I was able to make flashcards for 508 words, and to date I am currently learning all 508!! While this is alot, this is still not all of the core 650 words in the Spanish vocabulary that I was aiming for.

Nonetheless, I have been creating a habit for myself every day of adding more Anki flashcards for new words with pictures for Spanish. The early mornings and nights before I go to bed are the times that I have been working on my building and memorising my Anki deck. The time had been taking about 30 minutes to 1 hour or more per day!

While it does seem to take a while per day, I do get engrossed in the process which is a good thing.

I did not start at all on building or memorising any Anki flashcards for the French language. I have decided that I do want to focus on Spanish at least for the next few months.

3 Tips to Help You Create your First 1016 Language Learning Flashcards with Anki

From my 60 experience of doing well, but still needing improvement, I want to share with you som helpful advice:

  1. Create a habitual time that you build and memorise your deck
  2. Download Gabriel’s Model Deck here: – I only found out about it yesterday and started using it today. I have found that it is starting to save me more time, as I no longer have to manually create a 2 separate cards for each word (i.e. picture -> word card and another word -> picture card).
  3. Use web browser automation to speed up your search for images and word definitions and translations. I’m currently using iMacros for Firefox. You can get the automation tools relevant for your browser and operating system from Gabriels website here:

Stay tuned for my new 60 day challenge tomorrow!

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