How to Get Your Language Learning Stats in Anki: RESULTS for 60 Day Challenge #2 – November-December, 2014

So, another 60 days have passed! Here’s my results including a screenshot of my Anki stats!!!

What were the Language Learning RESULTS for the past 60 days?

I have been really drilling down on the Spanish language.

I finished adding flashcards for the first half of a Spanish grammar book! Woohoo! I was so happy that I achieved that goal. In my case, I did flashcards for Michel Thomas Spanish for Beginners, and I created a flashcard for all the major grammar points from CD 1 to CD 8! It took quite a while, but I can really say that my grammar has improved and I now know and am continuously memorising how to do spanish verb conjugations such as the imperative the conditional and the imperfect as well as the past, present and future tenses.

I find that I can now string words and verbs together to make sentences, sometimes even complex ones, and I find myself sometimes thinking up Spanish sentences in my head.

How to Get Your Language Learning Stats in Anki

In general, I have been working on adding new Spanish cards into my Anki deck – and I am finding it more and more like a game.

In order for you to check out your stats, then click into your Anki deck, and the press the shortcut keys: Shift + S

So press the Shift key and the S key at the same time.

Below, you can see my current stats for the most recent month, as well as my Spanish language deck’s lifetime.

My current Anki Stats for this month for Spanish language learning


My current Anki Stats for the deck life for Spanish language learning


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