How to Organize Your Images For Language Learning Flashcards

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This post will give you tips for how to organize your images for your own language learning flashcards, especially if you are using online or computer-based flashcard software such as Anki.

Today, I just finished collecting all the Google Images for the over 600 basic vocabulary words that will be used as a template for the languages that I’m learning and brushing up on. The languages include French, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), and Mandarin Chinese.

Using Folders and Sub-Folders to Get Organized in Language Learning

Over the past days, I’ve been using my computer’s folder and sub-folder system to organize my vocabulary images in a neat and manageable way.

My root folder is simply called “Basic Vocabulary List”.

1. Categoy Folder for all the Vocabulary Categories

Within the root folder, I then have a number of sub-folders that contain all the vocab categories. These category sub-folders include titles such as Pronouns, Directions, Nature, Location, Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives and more.

This helps to organise your vocabulary words and relevant images according to categories, and helps you prevent overwhelm and helps you find an image or word easily.


2. Word Folders for each Basic Vocabulary Word

Then inside each category folder, there are then a number of sub-folders for all the basic vocabulary words that fit into that particular category. For instance, the words “tree”, “ground”, “mountain”, “river” and a sub folder for those words would be found in the “Nature” category folder.


3. Image located inside the relevant word folder

Finally, inside each of the word folders would be a relevant image that shows a visual representation of that basic word.


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