How to Stay Motivated with Language Learning + My Spanish Anki Stats

The past 2 months have been a strong test of perseverance for me.

In early January, I got married! YAY. So alot of my attention and energy and focus was on getting married and spending time with my wife and family.

I’ve finally got back into the rhythm and habit of building my Spanish language Anki decks and studying daily. (Take a look at my Anki stats below for proof!)

3 Tips for How You Can Stay Motivated when Learning Languages

1. Get into a Daily Language Study Routine – Know Your Regular Free Time Moments

After the wedding stress and extravaganza finished, I was then able to get back into a routine on a day to day basis.

I noticed that I had some free moments at night, just before bed – about 30 minutes to one and a half hour regularly from Monday to Friday and Sunday.

I figured that once I saw the pattern again that this time was free, I could use this free time to get back into language learning.

2. Gradually Immerse Yourself Back Into the Language

When I got back into Spanish, I noticed that I was turned off my my Anki Deck. It had been set to reviewing 180 older cards per day and learning 50 new card!!!

This is what I had been studying just before the wedding. To study all of that, in general would take me about 30 minutes to even 1 hour!

I wanted to ease into studying again, so I turned it down a notch – and put it to 120 review, with 30 new cards. On average now, my total Anki study time takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Then I have about 30 minutes to 1 hour to add new cards per day, and I’ve been adding about 10 to 20 new words from the Spanish Words Frequency Dictionary.

As I write this, I’m up to word 420 out of my target 1000 most frequently used Spanish words.

3.Use Weekends to Do Big Leaps of Study

Today is a Saturday, and my wife and I usually take our Saturdays off to just relax. We often go out for a few hours, and then we’re at home just relaxing. I take that Saturday relax time to do major bouts of adding new Spanish words and creating new flashcards.

As you can see in the Spanish stats below, I added alot of cards today!! It’s about 50 or 60 new words, but that gets created into about 100+ cards since each word becomes 2 sets of flashcards.

I have found that having these big pushes of adding cards gives me more motivation since I can see a massive amount of progress, and I can just focus on studying today without any interruption. I can do it casually while listening to music or an audiobook.

My Spanish Language Anki Flashcard Statistics – as of February 2015

Here’s my current stats – both the 1 month stats and the Deck Life stats of my Spanish deck in Anki.

My current goal and Language Challenge is to create flashcards of the top 1000 most frequently used Spanish words, and to study them daily using spaced repetition.

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