How to Use Michel Thomas Audio Program to Create Language Learning Flashcards

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My goal over the last 60 days was to listen to the Michel Thomas audio program (for Spanish), and create flashcards for all the new grammar points that I learned.

I had already created flashcards previously for Michel Thomas Spanish Beginner Course (which consists of 8 audio CDs), and I was ready now to create cards for Michel Thomas Spanish Advanced Course (consisting of 4 CDs). I’ve finished those cards and I’m feeling excited about my progress.

Here’s some tips and insights for how you can use the Michel Thomas Audio Program in any language your learning to create language learning flashcards. Of course, these tip are only applicable to those languages that are available by Michel Thomas, and most of the major languages have a Michel Thomas program (such as French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, etc).

Why I love using Michel Thomas’ Audio Programs to Learn Grammar

I have been a fan of Michel Thomas for about 10 years now. 10 years ago, I started doing some beginner French language classes in Sydney, conducted by a native French speaker. It felt rather slow, and she used a BBC Beginner French text book. At times, it was even boring.

One day I stumbled across Michel Thomas French, and listened to it, and it totally revolutionized the way I learned French and the way I thought about learning languages overall. I liked how he simplified things, especially grammar. I liked that he made me feel relaxed, said that there was “no homework”, told me “not to memorise”, and said that the responsibility for learning “must be on the teacher, not on the student”. That was so interesting and different to what I was used to.

I also liked that he would make French vocabulary easy to remember, telling me about the thousands of words that were common or similar between English and French, and making me feel like I already had a head start with the language.

After listening to all those grammar points in all CDs of Michel Thomas French, I felt I was more conversant and it was easier for me to speak French and put sentences together.

Why I chose Michel Thomas Beginner and Advanced Spanish to learn Spanish Grammar

Having had the positive experience with Michel Thomas’ audio program before, I felt I wanted to use his program again but this time for Spanish.

I mixed his program, with the overall language learning methodology of Gabriel Wyner, and I think it has paid off and will continue to work.

Gabriel Wyner’s Memorization Techniques with Michel Thomas’ Ease of Learning Grammar

I know that Michel Thomas suggests that you must not try to memorize. The problem with that though, is that my memory over many years tends to forget, and to be honest, I had forgotten alot of the French grammar rules and vocab that I had easily learnt 10 years ago using his program. That’s the problem with Michel Thomas. He makes it easy to remember, but over time you forget, if you don’t continuously practice or use it.

So this time around, I wanted to be “Fluent Forever”, according to Gabriel Wyner’s methods, and so I wanted to add every new grammar point I learned with Michel Thomas Spanish in Anki, so that I would use every grammar point with a spaced repetition system. Thereby, locking in those points in my memory, and I now doubt I will forget them in the next 10 years, especially if I use Anki daily to revise my flashcards.

Use the Michel Thomas PDF Transcripts to help make your Grammar Flashcards

While the Michel Thomas program is all on audio, you can get a hold of the trancripts for both the Beginner Course and Advanced Course for all languages.

Since I was learning Spanish, I got the transcripts for both the Beginner and Advanced Spanish of Michel Thomas. These transcripts help you read the exact words and phrases and grammar points that you’ll need to create your Anki flashcards.

You’ll notice however, that Michel Thomas often repeats certain grammar and vocab points. So when you’re making your flashcards, just focus on any new points that you’ve learned and only add new grammar notes.

If you like you can add 2 or 3 examples, especially if a certain grammar point is complicated and you want to practice it more, but I wouldn’t do any more than 3 examples for any one grammar point.

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