My Quick Review of the DELE B2 Spanish Exam (On the Day I Actually Did It Myself)

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My Quick Review of the DELE B2 Spanish Exam (On the Day I Actually Did It Myself)

My Personal Experience Doing the DELE B2 Spanish Exam Today

Today I completed the entire DELE Spanish Exam for Level B2, and here’s my immediate review of it. After several months preparing for it, I finally completed the Test today, and I feel very proud of myself.

I started the written parts of the exam at 9am this morning and finished at 11:45am. Then I did the oral exam at 4:30pm, and I finished at about 5:20pm. I did the exam at the Instituto Cervantes in my home town of Sydney, Australia.

Right now, I feel really tired. I just got home and the tiredness just hit me. The DELE Spanish Exam at the B2 Level was a long exam that tested my reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in Spanish.

I’m going to go to sleep early tonight to get some rest, but I wanted to share with you some reactions to the parts of the exam.


I think I did really well in this section. I understood most of the texts, and I feel that many of my answers were correct. I even had extra time after finishing it to review all my answers.


I feel very unsure about this part. During this part, there were a number of times when I did not know what was going on, and I was unsure of which answer to choose!!!!

I’m worried that I may fail the entire exam due to this part, even though I feel I did well in everything else. I hope I pass.

Whether I pass or not is OK. At the end of the day, this test helped me recognise that I really do need to focus on my listening skills as I move forward with learning and studying spanish.


I know I did very well with this. My writing skills are rather strong and I feel I can pretty much write about anything.


I think I did OK here. I had been focusing alot on my Spanish speaking and conversation skills in the elad up to the DELE B2 Spanish Exam. Therefore I think I will certainly pass this part, as I spoke very fluently and was able to express myself well.

Nonetheless, I do know that at times I make mistakes with my verb conjugation and sometimes it takes me a while to think of the words I need to say.


I’m glad of my effort overall doing the exam for the DELE B2 in Spanish. It was the first time I actually did an exam in Spanish, so I’m proud of myself for that!!!

My skills in reading and writing are quite solid. My speaking skills is better than good. However, I now know that my Spanish listening comprehension skills are weak.

I hope I passed the exam! I’ll let you know once I find out.

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