The 2 most important Anki keyboard shortcuts you need to know

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For those of you who use Anki, whether for learning languages or cramming for a test, you MUST know and use these 2 keyword shortcuts right now.

How I stumbled upon Anki Keyboard Shortcuts

I recently found out about keyboard shortcuts after watching Gabriel Wyner’s creativeLive video lectures about learning a language and staying fluent forever. He praised automations and shortcuts, and I wanted to apply more of it in my language learning study.

3 Reasons Why keyboard shortcuts in Anki are important?

  1. It saves you time, so that you have more time to do other things like add more flashcards in your Anki deck
  2. It saves you effort in having to be clicking your fingers all over the screen. You just need to keep 1 hand in one spot and siply move your fingers as necessary, rather than your whole hand and fingers all the time
  3. It makes learning from Anki more fun since you can go at a much faster pace and go through the very easy cards, so your mind can work on the harder challenges

Anki’s Own Description to Help You with Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s not that easy to find out about keyboard shortcuts for yourself, especially if you’re a first time user or general newbie of the Anki software. But I did some searching and found this description by Anki:

When studying, either space or enter will show the answer. When the answer is shown, you can use space or enter to select the Good button. You can use the 1-4 keys to select a specific ease button. Many people find it convenient to answer most cards with space and keep one finger on 1 for when they forget.

My 2-Button Keyboard Shortcut Method I’m Using Now to Learn Languages

As I’m going through my Spanish language deck to learn the core 650 words, I keep my hand above both the spacebar and the number 1.

Most of my hand and effort and focus is on the space bar, as most of the words I know. The spacebar helps you to Show the Back of a card, and the space bar also helps you to rate a Card as GOOD in Anki. So it really does help you work through the cards very quickly.

Then whenever I get stuck with the front of an Anki card, I simply press the number 1. Then I just rinse and repeat.

I’m finding that I’m going through my cards alot faster, especially now that I’m reviewing a maximum of 120 cards per day as well as learning 30 new cards per day too!

It’s way better than scrolling your mouse from the “Show Back” button to the GOOD button and to the AGAIN button.


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